Overcoming the Hurdles




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Overcoming the Hurdles


Feeling Swamped & Frustrated?

We Understand Your Fears:


·        Both as parents /guardians and teachers why your child deserves the opportunity. We have been there!


·        Of the problem that academically gifted children run a real risk of losing the opportunity to develop fully, due to an education system pandering to the mediocrity.


·        Of fraught parents / guardians risking finding an ego centric tutor, who promises entrance examination success via short term "pressure cooker" methods and /or rides on the success of their pupils.


·        Of pupils feeling under pressure to please the adults in a confusing world of exams.


·        Of trying to tutor your child yourself placing a strain on the relationship with your child.



"Don't Worry About A Thing" - A Solution


However, having an external professional who is aware of these pressures can have a beneficial effect.


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