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We are thrilled with James's exam results and acceptance into both Oakham and Stamford Schools, and are most obliged to you for all your efforts and instruction. The outcome would have been totally different without your concentrated dedication to our cause!

Mr & Mrs Hill - Ridlington, Rutland



As you know our daughter passed her entrance exam and we are delighted that she has decided to move to Leicester Grammar in Sept 2011. 

She came to you just before Christmas after a very late decision to apply for a place.  The proximity of the exam gave us just 3 weeks over Christmas to prepare and we asked you to give her the confidence to understand the exam and not be intimidated by the environment.  This was achieved in what can only be described as a remarkably short space of time! 

Having sat in on the sessions it gave me an understanding of what was expected and also how hard our daughter was working, and how difficult the task was that we gave you!  We can only thank you for the commitment and dedication you showed and for the hard work you put in.

The results were excellent and very pleasing.  I only wish we had given you more time!

I will call you shortly regarding an ongoing preparation for starting the new school and regarding our daughter's younger sisters.

Many thanks for all your help.

Mr Jackson - Leicester



 "Jonathan tutored my son at primary school level in Maths and English and I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a tutor. He put in a lot of effort to make the lessons interesting and set an appropriate pace for learning. He established a good professional rapport with my son and was able to advance him academically from floundering in the middle of his class to nearer the top, patiently focussing on the areas of difficulty, particularly in Maths. My son is currently in an excellent school studying A level Maths having achieved an A at GCSE Maths and statistics and would rate Maths as one of his favourite subjects. I really feel that a bit of extra help at the right time made a lot of difference. Even though Jonathan no longer lives in our area or tutors our son, he takes the time to keep in touch to hear about his former pupil's progress, and our son is always very happy to speak to him and be encouraged to study to a higher level. I would highly recommend him as a tutor."

Corinne Loveday of Chigwell


"Jonathan tutored my son for senior school entrance examinations in English and Maths.  I am very happy to recommend him as a tutor.  We found him to be very knowledgeable and helpful and our son subsequently gained entrance to the private school of our choice."

Mrs. C of South Woodford


"Jonathan did some tutoring with my son for 11+ entry into local schools (Chigwell, Forest, Bancrofts and St Edmunds) and I cannot recommend him highly enough. My son found him easy to understand and he also managed to motivate my son to do well. My son got entry into all the schools he applied for and also a scholarship offer; I am sure this would not have been the case without Jonathan's input.

If you are looking to get into a selective school or indeed your child needs extra help, I could not recommend Jonathan highly enough."

Mrs. D of Chingford


"Jonathan tutored my son to successfully pass entrance examinations (11+) for Chigwell School, City of London School and Ilford County High School. He taught him particularly in English, and shared his great expertise in how to score top marks in the exams. Jonathan was always punctual when arriving for lessons, and he taught with great enthusiasm, which helped my son cope with the pressure of exams. My son still speaks highly of his tutor, specifically the exam techniques and essay writing skills. I fully recommend Jonathan as a teacher."


Mr. Rahman of Redbridge, Essex


"Nothing to Fear Other Than Fear Itself"


Our Director remains a nervous parent. His daughter started at the school of her choice in September 2010 as a Governor's Academic Scholar. She had a choice. We look forward to assisting your child towards a similar position of strength.


Please feel free to call us to see if you feel we can help.


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